About Us

FBX Solutions Limited were founded as a result of a growing requirement for senior, experienced and successful business practitioners who are solely focused on delivering quality project outcomes for their clients. Both FBX companies have been successfully meeting this requirement and as a result both businesses have gone from strength to strength. We pride ourselves in providing a broad range of management consultancy services to organisations, companies and individuals who are seeking a collaborative results driven service provider. We deliver client opportunities in all industry and service sectors within the UK.

Our approach is simple but effective and it is to work hand in hand with our clients using a pragmatic approach to resolving the issue at hand. We achieve our exceptional results through transparency and teamwork ultimately leading to the successful delivery of your project or program be it a revision to your current management systems, operational improvement programmes, program / project management or a company relocation project.

We strive to be different by offering our clients the right sized solution to support their changing business requirements, relentlessly delivering quality solutions to develop and enhance the client’s business.