Measuring Training Effectiveness


Competence and training are an integral part of planning and managing the processes of your Quality Management System (QMS). Identifying all of the competencies that are required at each stage of your processes, and ensuring that those competencies are fulfilled through training your staff not only enhances the effectiveness of your process, but also reduces the amount of documentation required in your QMS. However, simply providing the training should not be seen as your signal to hand the baton over to your workforce. Evaluating the effectiveness of training will truly verify that the competency gaps in your processes have been filled.

Evaluating Training Effectiveness
Evaluating the effectiveness of training is not something that many companies commit to doing; however, without analysing the effect that your training has had on the process in question, there really is no way of knowing whether the competency required has truly been filled, and what benefits providing the training has brought about.

Data collection and comparison from before and after your training is of course the most accurate method of evaluating the benefits of training, but communication with staff and gathering feedback on the training is also a vital part of evaluating the effectiveness of your investment.

Managing Your Training Needs
Much importance must be placed on the proper identification of your company’s training needs. It is only through a full examination of your key processes that you will know exactly which competency is needed, and how you can verify if the training has been effective. By properly identifying the competencies required in your workforce that are vital to the function of your process, you can then compare the competencies you need against the competencies that you currently have.

If your company requires an evaluation of its training requirements, identification of competency gaps, or if you are on the lookout for a training provider, please feel free to contact us or visit our Business Training Courses page for more information.