Engage Your Workforce In Health & Safety Change


Ask most people what reputation the stereotypical Health & Safety Department carries with it, and you would tend to find that most replies sound strikingly similar. You might hear phrases such as ‘over the top’ or ‘too much red tape’ with many seeing Health & Safety as an excessive burden. People could be forgiven for taking this view as outsiders looking in, especially with the occasional ‘Health & Safety Gone Mad’ media story only serving to enhance its negative perception.

Across the organisations that our consultants have worked with, the action that has proved most crucial to seeing real change in a company’s Health & Safety management, is employee involvement. There are a number of ways to engage your employees, whether it be something as minor as placing suggestion boxes at various areas of your premises, allowing staff to raise their concerns while having the option to remain anonymous if desired, or whether it be something with more involvement, such as a monthly Health & Safety Committee meeting, made up of representatives from each department each having the chance to raise and address concerns they may have about their working environment.

The key factor in why employee involvement proves successful is that it becomes a two-way street. No longer does Health & Safety feel like a watchful eye over everything you do, but it becomes something that the entire workforce buys into, and assumes a sense of collective responsibility for.

Of course this has to be paired with a ‘lead by example’ attitude from company management, and in all of the organisations that FBX Solutions have worked with in this area, senior management representation and commitment is an integral part of changing the perception of Health & Safety in the workplace.

If you would like to promote a healthier attitude towards the Health & Safety of your workforce, employee involvement will not only serve to improve morale among your staff, but will also create an organisational Health & Safety culture.