Business Relocation

Business Relocation – FBX Direct

FBX Direct, the most recent addition to the FBX Group, was formed in 2014 after a rapid increase in the demand for business relocation consultancy services. Our experience has shown us that organisations look to relocate premises for a number of important reasons, namely:

        • Expansion following increased sales orders
        • Increased manufacturing footprint to fulfil capacity requirements
        • Downsizing through reduction of capacity
        • Consolidation of multiple business units
        • Relocation to a purpose built facility to streamline business processes
        • Relocation through factory/office closures


Whatever the reason for relocating your business, our experts at FBX Direct have successfully relocated a large number of businesses and have a wealth of experience and knowledge. In line with our company objective of providing a cradle to grave solution, FBX Direct are capable of managing your relocation service from initial planning and sourcing of available properties,  through to the management of the dilapidation process for your old premises.

Areas such as the following make up part of our available service offering:

      • Assessment of available properties
      • New facility layout planning, including Lean and Six Sigma integration
      • Discussions with potential developers including a matrix selection process
      • Planning application submission
      • Negotiation of heads of terms
      • Planning permission/council communications
      • Construction project management
      • Departmental relocation planning
      • Machinery/ equipment relocation plan, ensuring minimal disruption to production
      • Application for services
      • Health & Safety provision for the new facility
      • Staff relocation planning

With the areas listed above making up only a small part of the relocation process, it is clear to see why the main topic of feedback from past clients is the peace of mind gained from having expert relocation professionals on hand to ensure every detail of the process had been considered.

If you are thinking of relocating your business either now or in the longer term, please contact our team at FBX Direct to see what support can be provided.