Lean Manufacturing

FBX Solutions recognises that the aim of any Lean Manufacturing approach is to achieve an effective and efficient production system with the minimum use of resources. To maximize production efficiency and achieve the highest attainable level of availability and flexibility are basic requirements for maintaining a competitive market sector position. We assist our clients to implement a tailored production system, aligned with supply chain processes, with consistent information and material flows, high plant availability rates and short lead times to ensure a competitive advantage.

FBX Solutions Consultants will tailor Lean Manufacturing controls to optimize production processes and integrate these with the clients in house Supply Chain Management processes.

At FBX Solutions we consider all conditions within each clients business such as market variability, plant structure, batch sizes and set-up times and provide tailored solutions.


FBX Solutions lean manufacturing consultants assist clients to:

  • Develop lean manufacturing and supply chain management strategies.
  • Identify Leveled flow design for lean production and supply chain structures
  • Implementing Kaizen, 5S, Visual Management, SMED and OEE
  • Address variability analysis and management
  • De-batch & queue, thus reduce bottlenecks and increase production throughput
  • Design and implement processes for production leveling, flow, kanban and pull through processes
  • Design and implement production planning processes.